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Windows 8:一款难当重任的操作系统?
2022-12-31 00:40
本文摘要:Microsoft Corp. has made big changes to its familiar Windows operating system to stay relevant amid booming sales of mobile devices such as Apple Inc.s iPad. But some corporate customers worry Microsoft has made its workplace workhorse too


Microsoft Corp. has made big changes to its familiar Windows operating system to stay relevant amid booming sales of mobile devices such as Apple Inc.s iPad. But some corporate customers worry Microsoft has made its workplace workhorse too unfamiliar.微软公司(Microsoft Corp.)对人们熟知的Windows操作系统展开了大刀阔斧的变革,以便在苹果(Apple Inc.) iPad等移动设备热卖之际不落人后。不过一些企业客户担忧,微软公司让这套在工作场合应用于普遍的主力操作系统显得令人过分陌生了。The new operating system, dubbed Windows 8, adds a new way to navigate a computer by touching rows of small windows, called tiles, that represent websites or apps, much like the icons familiar to smartphone users. Microsofts new interface can also be controlled with a mouse, and used in a mode similar to the old Windows desktop.这套取名为Windows 8的新操作系统加添了一种新的操作电脑的方法,使用者可以触碰一排排代表网站或应用程序的小窗口来操纵电脑。


Yet some companies that have tried the new software─particularly those that expect to stick to traditional laptops and desktop computers for now─worry employees will be frustrated with the changes.REUTERS一款用于Windows 8操作系统的三星平板电脑。然而,一些已试用过新的操作系统的公司担忧员工不会不适应环境这些变化,特别是在是那些眼下期望之后用于传统笔记本电脑和台式机的公司。The interface for a tablet is very nice, said Adam Noble, chief information officer for GAF, a Wayne, N.J., building-materials company that uses about 3,000 Windows-based systems as well as some iPads. On a laptop, its more difficult to use.新泽西州韦恩市(Wayne)建材公司GAF的首席信息长诺布勒(Adam Noble)说道,这个界面用作平板电脑十分适合,但装有在笔记本电脑上则不好用。GAF公司用于了大约3,000台装有Windows系统的电脑,同时也用于iPad。

The new software presents companies with a training issue they havent faced since Windows 95 first brought innovations such as the Start button, which is replaced by a Start screen in Windows 8.新的系统也给企业带给了培训问题。自Windows 95首次使用“开始”按钮等一系列创意技术以来,企业还未曾遇到替换操作系统必须对员工展开培训的问题。Windows 8用“开始”界面代替了“开始”按钮。This is going to be the first time in a decade and half that [companies are] actually going to have to teach someone to use Windows, said Stephen Kleynhans, a Gartner Inc. analyst.研究机构Gartner Inc.的分析师克莱因汉斯(Stephen Kleynhans)说道,这将是15年来企业首次必须教教员工如何用于Windows。

Microsoft officials note that there is always some initial customer resistance to change in its products that is eventually overcome, and insist that the benefits of Windows 8 are worth the learning curve. Were confident about the value we can deliver, said Erwin Visser, senior director of the Microsoft team overseeing Windows for corporations.微软公司负责人认为,客户最初总是不会对微软公司产品的变化存在一些抵触情绪,但这最后不会被解决,并坚决说道Windows 8所带给的种种益处有一点用户代价自学时间。微软公司负责管理向企业客户销售Windows操作系统的团队高级负责人维瑟(Erwin Visser)说道,我们对所能传送的价值抱着有信心。

Some technology buyers already seem to have moved on. We believe today as a tablet, the iPad gives us a strong combination of functionality, security and price, said Peter Hendel, associate director of the global business services arm of Procter Gamble Co., which counts more than 5,000 iPads in use among sales people, executives and other workers who travel frequently.全球业务服务部门副主管亨德尔(Peter Hendel)说道,我们坚信如今作为一款平板电脑,iPad为我们获取了一个集功能性、安全性和高价格于一身的产品。宝洁公司用于的iPad数量多达5,000台,销售人员、公司高管以及其它常常公干的员工都在用于。

Stuart Kippelman, chief information officer of Covanta Holding Corp.s Covanta Energy unit, said he can envision his company and others buying fewer Microsoft computers in the future as the iPad replaces some uses of traditional computers. I can see that happening, Mr. Kippelman said.卡万塔控股(Covanta Holding Corp.)旗下卡万塔能源公司(Covanta Energy)的IT负责人吉普尔曼(Stuart Kippelman)说道,将来随着传统电脑的某些用途被iPad代替,自己公司和其他公司出售的微软公司电脑越来越少。吉普尔曼说道,我可以预料到这种情形的再次发生。

Forrester Research Inc. found that about one-third of companies it surveyed plan to adopt Windows 8 eventually, while 57% havent considered Windows 8 yet or plan to skip it. At the same point before Windows 7 was released in 2009, two-thirds of companies surveyed said they planned to migrate to Windows 7, and 28% said they hadnt yet considered Windows 7 or planned to skip it. One difference is in 2009 many businesses had been waiting for years to update old Windows software. Now, many have spent millions of dollars installing Windows 7 and are reluctant to spend the money again so soon.美国弗雷斯特研究公司(Forrester Research Inc.)找到,三分之一的不受调查企业计划最后使用Windows 8,57%的企业要么还没考虑到使用Windows 8,要么想跳过。2009年Windows 7公布之前的刚好,三分之二的不受调查企业回应想升级为Windows 7,28%的企业回应还没考虑到使用或想跳过。2009年的一个不同之处是,很多企业为升级老版Windows系统早已等了好几年。

而现在,很多企业早已斥巨资加装Windows 7,不不愿这么慢又花上一笔钱。One fan of Windows 8 is Joe Simon, chief technical officer of Advance Publications Inc.s Condé Nast, the New York publisher of Vanity Fair and Vogue magazines. I think its the best operating system weve seen out of Microsoft for a long time, he said.《名利场》(Vanity Fair)和Vogue杂志的出版发行方、Advance Publications旗下纽约出版发行公司Conde Nast的首席技术宽西蒙(Joe Simon)是Windows 8的粉丝。他说道,我实在它是很长时间以来微软公司发售的最差的操作系统。To save money, Condé Nast has stuck with 11-year-old Windows XP for most of the companys 3,000 Windows users, and Mr. Simon said he is enthusiastic to move to Windows 8 as soon as possible. The company has about 5,000 iPads in use; Mr. Simon said he is agnostic about whether he will try to shift those iPad users to Windows tablets.为了省钱,Conde Nast公司11年以来仍然坚决让其3,000名Windows用户中的多数人用于Windows XP。


西蒙说道他十分期望公司尽早转用Windows 8。该公司有5,000部左右的iPad正在用于;西蒙说道他“不告诉”自己否不会企图让这些iPad用户转用Windows平板。Spending on Windows devices still dwarfs the iPad, though use of Apples device is growing at a rapid clip. Forrester estimates business spending on iPads will total nearly $10 billion this year, a 76% jump from 2011. Spending on Windows-based computers is projected to dip 3% to $124 billion.企业订购Windows设备的花费依然远高于iPad,不过iPad的用于正在快速增长。

据Forrester估算,今年企业iPad开支总额将相似100亿美元,较2011年快速增长76%,而Windows电脑开支总额预计将为1,240亿美元,上升3%。Microsoft and PC makers that are developing tablets to work with its new software say they offer a key advantage: the ability to run popular business software such as Microsofts Word and Excel. Microsoft also says its software is better at letting technology managers electronically send new software applications to hundreds of Windows computers, or wipe corporate data from a lost or stolen tablet.微软公司和研发Windows 8平板电脑的PC制造商说道,Windows 8有一个至关重要的优势:它可以运营微软公司Word和Excel等风行企业软件。微软公司还说道,Windows 8还使技术管理人员需要更为便利地通过网络将新的软件应用发送到数百台Windows电脑上,或从遗失、被盗的平板电脑中读取公司数据。

Its the tablet enterprise customers have been waiting for, said Mr. Visser of Microsoft.微软公司的维瑟说道,这是企业客户仍然在等候的平板电脑。There is pressure for companies to shift from Windows XP, since Microsoft plans to end extended support for the software in April 2014. Yet Barclays Capital, in surveys of corporate chief information officers, says it has found more desire for customers to upgrade to Windows 7 rather than Windows 8 over the next year.企业也有升级Windows XP的压力,因为微软公司想在2014年4月完结对这款操作系统的先前反对。但巴克莱资本(Barclays Capital)在对企业IT负责人的调查中找到,未来一年用户更加不愿升级为Windows 7而不是Windows 8。